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Passage: 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12

Reflection Questions:
1. Notice that Paul said that the Thessalonian believers were already living a life that pleases God, yet he “ask and urge” them to “do this more and more.” This seems to indicate that Paul saw pleasing God as an ongoing process. It is something that needs to be maintained, not simply achieve. Where are you in this process and how can you maintain the things you do that are pleasing to God?
2. In this passage, Paul has listed three things that he warned the Thessalonian believers about in order to be sanctified (verses 3-6). What are these three things?
3. Rome’s sexual moral standard was very low, and the same goes for our society today. This is perhaps why Paul especially warned the Thessalonians about sexual misconduct. How can we apply Paul’s warning in our own life?