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2011-09-22 CEF Newsletter

johnny_nhokUpcoming Events
Sept. 23 – Bible Study
Sept. 30 – Fun Fun Fun
Oct. 7 – Workshop – Dating
Oct. 14 – KWYB

Meet the Members
Name: Johnny Nhok
I am Asian American. I speak English and Cambodian. Also, I’m part Chinese from my mother’s side but not many people know it. I am a friendly person once you get to know me. I like sports such as basketball, swimming, running (sort of), ping pong and some times weight lifting. My favorite foods are honey walnut prawns & steamed asparagus. And I enjoy watching “How I Met Your Mother.” It’s the best tv show out there right now.

This Week’s Program

Sept. 23 Bible study
Join us this Friday as we continue our bible study series. Be sure to stay for refreshments afterwards.

Sept. 30 Fun Fun Fun
Ready for an exciting night of adventure, action, stunts, games, challenges and entertainment? Invite your friends for a time of fun and games!

Oct. 7 – Dating part 2
If you missed part 1 of our Dating series, make sure to come back for the part 2! We learned about buffalos and butterflies, and we’ll continue to take a look at healthy Christian dating and how to interact in within a dating relationship.
Guest speaker: Pastor Walter

Oct. 14 – Know What You Believe – Holy Spirit
It’s invisible. Some say it’s your conscience. Others don’t believe in it. What exactly is it? Come join us for a thought-provoking and insightful study into the Holy Spirit.