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AGWMM 2016 Worship, 8/28

基恩敬拜音樂事工將在8/26-28不同教會中有一連串的敬拜讚美工作坊和培靈佈道會. 其中8/28 星期日晚上7:30p.m.在帝利市堂 (101 Vista Grande Ave.)舉行培靈佈道會,請大家預留時間和邀約親友參加. 其他聚會點請參閱海報或瀏覽網頁 www.facebook.com/AGWMM.AGWMM

基恩敬拜 2016

2 Responses

  1. Matthew says:

    >>8/28 星期日晚上7:30p.m.在帝利市堂 (101 Vista Grande Ave.)舉行培靈佈道會

    I don’t think you will have child care service on 8/28, right?

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ONLINE WORSHIP: Under the Shelter In Place order, the church is switching from live streaming worship at church premises to online worship consisting of pre-recordings and/or live streaming from home. Also, starting this Sunday, Mandarin Worship will also have sermons available on line. Thank you for your attention in this matter. Click here to go to the Streaming

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