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The SF Campus 11AM Cantonese Congregation will be hosting a Chinese New Year Zoom Gathering on 2/13 (Saturday) at 2pm. There will be celebration activities, sharing, and prizes. Family and friends are welcome to attend along with brothers and sisters. The zoom ID is 856 0217 8573. We also asking for registration at http://forms.gle/igTKGRmF5hJK1yEw5


We are excited to announce God’s blessing of our new church building, 6644 Mission Street.We invite you to prayerfully join us in this amazing opportunity to build God’s church together!
“…because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 1:5-6


「我來了, 是叫人得生命, 並且得的更豐盛。」約翰福音 10:10


The church-wide theme for 2021 is “Shelter In Christ, Soaring On High”. This year, we will look at how knowing God and the Gospel can lead us through all sorts of difficult times, and give us strength to live fully for Him.

Roma Ministry

Western Europe In 1971, they finally stood up and demanded that the international community call them Roma. In their language, Roma means “human.“ The Roma are arguably the largest ethnic minorities in Europe. Roma originate in the Punjab region of India and some 15 million Roma around the world are now scattered among different countries. Today they are the largest ethnic group which spread around the world. There are 70 Roma communities, mostly from northern India.  Only 15% of them finish high school or pre-employment courses with less than 30% of the employed population, while about 45% of them have...

Second and Lana Tsang

I have been working as a Ministry director in Chinese Christian Herald Crusades North California (CCHC), and Lana stays home taking care her aging mother since we moved back from Sichuan, China. We are so grateful that CPCC has been financially and morally supporting me in this ministry. CCHC provides platform for all Christians to reach out non-believers by social services, social media and events. Oakland gospel center and Herald Monthly Newspaper are most commonly known to the public. It will be a lot of challenges in ministry development for churches and Christian organizations years to come due to Covic-19...

Fullness in Christ Fellowship (FiCF)

https://www.ficfellowship.org/ To minister to women so that the image of God can be restored in them, and that they may live out the abundant life as promised by Christ. The Three Main Ministries Women in Ministries (WIM): affirming women’s fullness in identity and mission, and demonstrated by regional fellowship of woman ministers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Taiwan, as well as with the annual retreat ministry. This ministry started in 1998. Social Concern (PMC): abounding in holistic missions as a continuation of Jesus’ calling and ministry to bring good news to the poor, to proclaim release to the captives...

Rudolf and Angela Mak

Rudolf & Angela Mak is the Director of Chinese Ministries for Frontier Ventures, he launched that as the major focus of his office a few years ago.Although Covid-19 has put a damper in this in the past year, yet there are silver linings around the cloud. Even before the pandemic hits, God has led Rudolf to pass his Perspectives responsibilities to indigenous committees. Several regional committees are now functioning to take care of the entire Perspectives work in the most significant key areas. There are several thanksgiving items. The first Perspectives class in Hong Kong was co-sponsored by 40 local...