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你話基督徒嘅人生最重要係做乜嘢呢?你人生的目標和方向是什麼?你知道神對你人生的計畫又是什麼嗎?你願意你的人生被主大大的使用? 梗係報答主嘅恩典啦! 不過點樣報答主嘅恩典呢? 作一個為主顛狂的門徒唔使問都知啦,當然就係人人實踐大使命,個個都做【得人漁夫】 課程特色: 本課程為實用裝備課程,特別著重如何實踐與家人、朋友和同事分享福音。如果你感到有困難與家人、朋友和同事分享福音,這課程會幫助你透過實習及 經驗分享,找到適合你處境的傳福音策略。 課堂內容分為三部份: 分享技巧 實習滙報 小組討論 開課日期: 7月7日 時間: 9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. 教師:Susanna Sham 地點: Basement Social Hall

【生命因愛動聽】音樂佈道會, 8/2

本會與三藩市灣區短宣中心於8/2 (週五) 6:30p.m.在帝利市堂舉行「生命因愛動聽」音樂佈道會。會中以音樂、 見證和信息分享主愛。當晚設有晚餐,有興趣者請到教會辦公室購買餐券。每位收費:$5,十二歲或以下兒童免費(但必須領取餐券)。請弟兄姊妹踴躍參與,邀請還沒信主的親友參加晚膳和音樂會。當晚也提供兒童 (幼稚園至五年級)及青少年節目

Changes on Worship services at Chinatown Campus

All worship services at San Francisco Chinatown campus will be 30 minutes early starting 7/7. Therefore, Morning Cantonese and English worships will both start at 9:30 AM. Afternoon Cantonese and Mandarin worships will start at 11:00. All Sunday schools and nursery will also start 30 minutes early 堂別 崇拜 主日學...

2019 Sichuan Compassion Journey, 9/28-10/6

During this mission trip, we will share God’s love with kids there through games, singing, and workshops. Also we will teach them the right moral and value. Please pick up the application form at the church office. For more details, please contact Susanna Sham at 415-421-1624 or Gary Yip at...

Mother’s Day Outreach

Mother’s Day Outreach

Chinatown outreach ministry will be visiting our chinatown community between 7:30PM and 9:30PM on 5/10. We encourage our brothers and sisters to join us and please sign up in the chinatown office or contact your fellowship leaders.


May 12th is Mother’s Day and we will celebrate all the mothers in our midst during our worship services. Please invite your mother and grandmother to join us as we would like to appreciate them with a small gift.

Daly City Campus Combined Easter Worship (04/21/2019)

Easter Sunday service starts at 10:00 a.m. in the sanctuary. There will be refreshments from 9:15-9:45 a.m. There will be no Sunday School this day, kids older than nursery will be joining us in worship, sitting with their families. Please invite your families and friends to celebrate the resurrection of...


Save the date! This year, we will host a brand new summer camp at Chinatown campus focusing on fun and educational science and technology activities. The camp is for kids and youth from 1st to 8th grade, and will run from 6/10-6/21, Monday through Friday. Campers can choose to attend...


It’s time to share the gospel to our neighbors in Chinatown. Training will be held between 7/29 (Mon) through 8/3 (Sat) 9 am- 6 pm on Chinatown campus. Please sign up at the office if you are interested. Deadline for registration is 7/8 Registration Fee: $75 ($85 after 6/16) Team...