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Cecilia Yau

Cecilia serves as a Ministry Ambassador with Chinese Christian Mission in Petaluma. In the past year, she preached and taught at church worship services, retreats and fellowships. She also completed a book in Chinese, “From Wandering to Being Rooted”.
• Pray for Cecilia that she will serve as a full-time woman minister more effectively through the “Fullness in Christ Fellowship” (FiCF) which has already established three fellowships along the U.S. West Coast and an annual retreat.
• FiCF has started a home for girls—victims of human trafficking in Cambodia. Pray for their missionary and local staff that they will have the love and wisdom to help this special group of girls.
• Pray that she will preach and teach with the anointing power of the Holy Spirit.
• Pray for her writing for a column at CCM website: www.ccmusa.org.
• Pray for her training on the mission fields.