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二月份是金巴崙長老會總會209 週年的生日(1810- 2019)、三藩市堂125 週年的生日(1894-2019),亦是 帝利市堂14 週年的生日(2005-2019)。我們為主在過 往恩待及使用金巴崙長老會獻上深深的感恩,願在 未來的日子中,我們的教會和金巴崙總會都繼續忠 心侍主,被主大大的使用,擴展神的國,榮耀主的 名。

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All worship services at San Francisco Chinatown campus will be 30 minutes early starting 7/7. Therefore, Morning Cantonese and English worships will both start at 9:30 AM. Afternoon Cantonese and Mandarin worships will start at 11:00. All Sunday schools and nursery will also start 30 minutes early, except the English Adult Sunday school class will start at 11:00 a.m.