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Roma Ministry

Western Europe

In 1971, they finally stood up and demanded that the international community call them Roma. In their language, Roma means “human.“

The Roma are arguably the largest ethnic minorities in Europe. Roma originate in the Punjab region of India and some 15 million Roma around the world are now scattered among different countries. Today they are the largest ethnic group which spread around the world. There are 70 Roma communities, mostly from northern India.  Only 15% of them finish high school or pre-employment courses with less than 30% of the employed population, while about 45% of them have no indoor kitchens, bathrooms or showers in the homes, with no electricity either. In Serbia, out of every 100 Roma schoolchildren, only three to four complete primary school and finish fewer in secondary school. 

Prayer Request:

  1. Theological Education
    Global Mission Seminary supports the Roma’s education. Through the Neo-Berwyn Church in Serbia and the Hungarian Chinese Church, they offer scholarships to several Roma theology students for theological training.
  2. Chinese Church in participation of the Ministry of Roma churches
    Using the spacious synagogues of the New Bay Church, they invite the nearby Roma to come together during the Lunar New Year holidays (Spring Lunar New Year) and ask Roma pastors to preach to the Roma; this will not only inspire the Church of New Cape to establish an intercultural ministry Model, and actually deepen the relationship with the Roma. For years, the neighborhood of Nepali and its neighborhoods in Roma have established good interaction.
  3. Chinese Churches Supply daily goods and education materials
    Currently, the Neo-Bethe Church and a Serbian church routinely deliver daily supplies and educational stationery to the Roma, hoping to normalize its support and deepen its contribution to the ministry.
  4. Agricultural mission
    Through local churches, helping to develop small-scale farming and establishing a marketing model for the farms can be self-sufficient and profitable.

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