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History of How Our Church Adopted the Mien-YAO Peoples And Future Development

In the early 1990s, the Missions Department was exposed to many missions articles about the AD 2000 Movement (goal is to establish a church for every people and the gospel for every person by AD2000); 10/40 Window; Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course; and Adopt-A-People Movement.
Through much prayer and God’s leading, the Missions Department committed to doing research on Unreached Peoples and what it meant to adopt a peoples group.
The definition of adopting an unreached peoples meant that a church congregation makes a serious commitment to reach their adopted group through partnering with a missions agency.  This commitment included prayer, funding or supplying resources/personnel to help these peoples until a growing, evangelizing church movement is established within their people group.
Between 1992-1999, our strategy to Adopt An Unreached Peoples consisted of presenting our proposal and getting approval from the pastoral staff and Session; educating ourselves through attending the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course; meeting with another church member who mobilized her church to adopt an unreached people group in Asia; and organizing a Mission Vision and Prayer Journey to visit 2 large Unreached People groups.
After two Mission Vision and Prayer journeys in 2001 and 2002, the Missions Department felt God’s confirmation to adopt the Mien-Yao Peoples in China.
The Miens are one of the biggest subgroup of the Yao Nationality.  The Yao peoples are one of the 55 minority groups in China. In China alone, there are over 1 million Mien-Yaos living mainly in the South and Southwest provinces. Smaller groups live in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and in Western USA. Less than 1% of the Mien-Yaos in China are Christians.
In 2003, we partnered with the Board of Missions in sponsoring two projects among the Mien-Yaos. We supported two Mien-Yao believers attending Bible College and we helped pay for constructing a clean water system in a Mien-Yao village in China.
In 2005, the Missions Department and Pastor Lawrence Fung met with the Mien-Yao pastors and leaders in the Yiu-Mienh Baptist Church in Richmond City to share how God led us to adopt the Mien-Yaos.
For three years 2006-2008, we sponsored and sent teams to train the English teachers in Jin Ping city, which is home to many Mien-Yaos. The teams were able to visit one of the Mien-Yao village and develop a friendship with the leaders.
This past year 2011, we partnered with some Mien-Yao members of the Yiu-Mienh Baptist Church in Richmond, California to do English training for the English teachers in Jin Ping. They also had an opportunity to visit the Mien-Yao village and meet the leader and they are planning to go back again in 2012.
In 2011, Praise God that we have developed a good relationship with the churches in Nanning, Guangxi. We have pledged to support the development of a library within the church in Nanning and four seminary graduates in GuangXi as they minister to different peoples groups including the Yao people. We also have accepted the invitation from the church in Nanning to lead an English Camp Project in summer of 2012.