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Date Service Preacher Title
2017-09-24 Workshops Archives 范文堅傳道 盡在不言中
2016-04-24 Workshops Archives 范文堅傳道 Chinatown Housing Outreach
2015-10-25 Workshops Archives 范文堅傳道 1031 Jesus Loves Chinatown Training
2015-02-15 Workshops Archives 范文堅傳道 Street Fair Evangelization Training
Due to the 11:30 Cantonese Congregational Retreat on the Labor Day weekend, the 11:30 Cantonese Worship Service at the San Francisco Campus will be canceled on 9/2. For the 11:30 Cantonese Service attendees who do not go to the retreat, please join the 10:00 Cantonese worship service or other worship services on that day.