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Fellowship GroupContact PersonMeeting TimeMeeting Place
Cantonese Couples GroupMichael Leung (michaelleung@sbcglobal.net)
Allen Teng (tengluen@yahoo.com.hk)
2nd Sunday of the Month 5:30pmDaly City Campus
Cantonese Adult FellowshipRev. Alexis Yu (revayu@cumberlandsf.org)
Joseph Wong (josephwong.s@gmail.com)
3rd Sunday of the Month 2:15pmMember's home
Couples with ChildrenCalvin Lam (lamcalvin@yahoo.com)
Erica Lam (ericaylam@yahoo.com)
SaturdayMember's home
Cantonese CareerNicole Yeung (yeung333@gmail.com)
Janet Sun (janet@cumberlandsf.org)
Friday 8:00pmDaly City Campus
Member's home
Cantonese Career CouplesRev. Alexis Yu (revayu@cumberlandsf.org)
Ann Lau (alau122@hotmail.com)
Fiona Ho (happygirl1527@hotmail.com)
Friday 8:00pmMember's Home
Hannah's ClubJanet Sun (janet@cumberlandsf.org)
Helen Lim (Kennethlim@sbcglobal.net)
3rd Sunday of the Month 11:15amDaly City Campus
English Junior HighMandy LiuFriday 7:30 p.m - 9:30 p.mRoom 102
English High SchoolJennifer Young
Jerry Young
Friday 7:30pmDaly City Bryson Hall
English Family BuilderKevin & Tricia Wong1st Saturday of the Month
Daly City Campus
English Youth Adult FellowshipPastor SonnyFriday 7:30pmRoom 103
English Children FellowshipFranklin TsaoFriday 7:00pm - 9:00pmRooms 105/106

Fellowship GroupContact PersonMeeting TimeMeeting Place
Senior FellowshipAi Ping Ng (aiping@cumberlandsf.org)Tuesday 1:30pmSanctuary
Tuesday Night Career FellowshipAnissa & Danny Pang (anissadanny@yahoo.com)2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month 7_30pmDaly City Campus
Adult FellowshipKathryn Wong 415-566-38722nd and 4th Thursday of the month10:00amMember's Home
Cantonese Woman's GroupCecilia Cheung 650-638-0499
Patricia Siu 415-346-3452
2nd and 4th ThursdayClassroom
Senior ActivityAi Ping NgThursday 9:30am - 12:00pmSocial Hall
Cantonese Middle Age Adult FellowshipBob Ree (ree9368@sbcglobal.net)
Susanna Sham (susanna@cumberlandsf.org)
3rd Friday NightMember's Home
College and Young Career FellowshipRaymond Sin / Lina YuFriday 7:30pmSmall Chapel
Career IISusan Chen (susanxxchen@yahoo.com)2nd and 4th Sunday 1:00pmSmall Chapel
Career CouplesAda Lau (ada@cumberlandsf.org)3rd Sunday 1:00pmBalcony Room 206
ChildrenAda Lau (ada@cumberlandsf.org)Saturday 10:00amSocial Hall
Junior High FellowshipRev. Walter Lau (walter@cumberlandsf.org)Saturday 10:00amSocial Hall
High School FellowshipJoyce Huang (pink_apple99@hotmail.com)Saturday 10:00amSmall Chapel
Saturday Night MinistrySusanna Sham (susanna@cumberlandsf.org)2nd and 4th Friday 6:30pmBasement B06
Bread of LifeAi Ping Ng (aiping@cumberlandsf.org)1st Thursday 10:00amSmall Chapel
Homecoming GroupIsabel Ng (isabel@joyoushope.com)
English College/CareerGarner Low(garnerlow@sbcglobal.net)Friday 7:30pmRoom 101 Fellowship Hall
Mandarin Adult FellowshipJohn Fang (johnfang@pacbell.net)
____ 415-346-7886
1st and 3rd Friday 1:30pmSmall Chapel
Mandarin Saturday FellowshipJoanne Chow (amishdude@rpacific.com)
2nd and 4th Saturday 8:00pmMember's Home