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SUNDAY SCHOOL SPRING 2011 – Becoming What God Intended

Class content:
Are you feeling emotionless about your spiritual life? Are you feeling a disconnection between your faith and the emotional struggles you face on a daily basis? We invite you to join the 2011 Spring Adult Sunday school as we explore the vision of a life based on the rich agape love of the Trinity that is both realistic and revolutionary. Come and journey together as we seek to understand God’s way, the deeply emotional Christianity, and the healthy emotional life that God intended for you.


10:15 –11:15a.m.

Basement Social Hall

Anna Leung-Yuan
Language: Cantonese

Class Content:

Session Theme
Session 1 Acceptance and Gratitude
Session 2 Acceptance and Our Worth
Session 3 Acceptance and the Father
Session 4 Acceptance and the Son
Session 5 Acceptance and the Holy Spirit
Session 6 Acceptance and Trust
Session 7 Acceptance and Our Identity
Session 8 Acceptance and Moods: Walking by the Spirit
Session 9 Acceptance and Fruit: Walking by the Spirit
Session 10 Acceptance and Prayer
Session 11 Acceptance and Sin
Session 12 Acceptance and Service