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Praise God for the Vision Sharing event last Sunday. Lord willing, the Cambodia STM will be from July 8-18, 2021. Join the team to serve the Pleroma Homes and Community Center, and the Social Workers. Below are the link and QR code to access the application forms, FAQ sheet, and info slides from the Vision Sharing. Please print out the application form and submit it to Susanna Sham at susanna@cpccsf.org. Applications are due by Sep 30, 2020.

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  1. Oi Ming (Mindy) Chow says:

    Due to my health condition. I can’t join the Cambodia short-term mission. But I would like to pray behind the scenario. I also would like financial support the Cambodia mission. I now desire to offer $200 to the Cambodia mission trip. I can’t do the donate online, can somebody would like to come to my home to get the $200?

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