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Job Opening

Our church is hiring a full-time or part-time administrator for the San Francisco and Daly city campuses. For those who are interested, please contact Rev. Walter Lau or get more information from the church website.

Church Administrator

Basic Qualifications 

  1. Evangelical faith 
  2. Bilingual (Cantonese and English fluency) 
  3. General administrative skills 
  4. In agreement with the Cumberland Presbyterian Church Confession of Faith 
  5. Willing to work as a team member and relates well to others 
  6. Agrees with the philosophy of ministry and concept of our church structure 
  7. College degree or seminary training preferred (or equivalent experience) 

Job Description 

  1. To coordinate and promote various Church-wide programs. 
  2. To represent the staff on the Finance Committee 
  3. To manage all staff schedules and vacation requests. 
  4. To act as staff liaison to outside organizations. 
  5. To assist the Senior Pastor in receiving special guests or guest speakers. (Including making hospitality arrangements.) 
  6. To direct and supervise the day-to-day church operation. 
  7. To oversee facility and equipment usage. 
  8. To help evaluate and update management procedure of the Church (such as policy and operation manuals.) 
  9. To improve the Church’s visibility in the community (To supervise our Website, promotional materials, visitors package, etc.). 
  10. To help improve teamwork of the staff and elders. (To help the Senior Pastor in coordinating the annual staff retreat in addition to the Elder and Staff Retreat.) 
  11. To participate in Session and staff meetings. 
  12. To supervise preparation of church wide announcements for all worship programs 
  13. To coordinate administrative activities 
  14. To assist the Moderator in preparing agendas for monthly Session Meetings. 
  15. To coordinate weddings held in our church. 
  16. To guide families for funeral arrangements.