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With the calling from God, we left the pastoral position of YanFook church in 2016 and started the preparation of the Levites Institute. After two years, we finally started the LI courses in September, 2018. The major ministry of LI is to train the brothers, sisters and ministers who serve in the area of worship. The foundation of LI is life influence life, so in addition to focusing on music training, teaching of the Bible is also the main subject of the college.

Prayer items:

  1. Thank God for his leadership. During the demonstration of Hong Kong last year, there were difficulties, yet LI was able to complete the fall classes.
  2. Because of the pandemic in the past 9 months, LI had to be closed down for a while, and the courses were taught online. Hopefully the new season of classes will be successfully completed under the guiding of God.
  3. Thank God for the co-workers who hold the same vision.
  4. Please pray that God helps recruiting teachers with the same calling. This is particularly difficult for the LI.