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Rudolf and Angela Mak

Rudolf & Angela Mak is the Director of Chinese Ministries for Frontier Ventures, he launched that as the major focus of his office a few years ago.Although Covid-19 has put a damper in this in the past year, yet there are silver linings around the cloud. Even before the pandemic hits, God has led Rudolf to pass his Perspectives responsibilities to indigenous committees. Several regional committees are now functioning to take care of the entire Perspectives work in the most significant key areas.

There are several thanksgiving items.

  1. The first Perspectives class in Hong Kong was co-sponsored by 40 local mission agencies and that is a record for all first time offering anywhere in the world
  2. In spite of the pandemic, there are online classes being organized. One such class attracted 120 students, also a record
  3. Although all work needs to be done online instead of in-person. Rudolf has been doing most work using his laptop for over 10 years (especially when he was traveling to attend in-person meetings) so the transition was quite smooth.

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