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Winnie Ko

Through her 10-year service in Macau, God gave Winnie a vision that there is a need for the church to spread the Gospel
and train disciples. In 2006, she joined the China Evangelistic Mission, and she devoted herself to train church servants and leaders in Macau.
• Pray for Winnie to be strong physically, mentally, and spiritually. Pray that she will become more attentive to the guidance from Holy Spirit.
• Pray for evangelistic and discipleship training ministry that Winnie gives to the Portuguese in Macau.
• Pray for a good and healthy relationship and cooperation for Winnie with her mother church, the supporting churches and the mission organization.
• Pray that the Lord will bless and look after every single discipleship training ministry provided by Winnie.
• Pray that the Lord will lead and provide a new serving direction to Winnie in the discipleship training ministry.